We deliver highly trained staff and cutting edge technology to all of clients, as well to our client's customers.

We offer each client a custom contact center service designed with you in mind.

Contact Center Services

The contact center industry is continuously evolving as a result of the rapid changes in the business landscape. Due to increasing customer focus, there is an increased demand for customer support channels and it becomes crucial for businesses to better manage customer touch points across the entire lifecycle. FutureNow understands your specific expectations and addresses them in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.

An effective customer service group is a game-changer when it comes to customer retention. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust team backed up by a dependable customer support system.

The FutureNow contact center provides highly trained staff with expertise across different business verticals. These include order taking, customer service and support, loyalty and retention, contact center consulting and social media services. We work across industries including fast food chains, telecom, healthcare, insurance, retail and hi-tech.

Below is a list of the call center services we offer:

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To Talk

A module is placed on your web site where customers enter their telephone number and a call center agent contacts them.

Conference & Seminar Registration

Conference & Seminar

Register attendees for conferences, events, seminars and classes. Service includes processing credit cards for registrations.

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Programs for customer acquisition including lead qualification, lead generation, workflow management, and customer follow-up.

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Follow Up

Following up with customers after a sale and during the live of the customer to good customer service relationships.


Direct Response

Call center agents managing telephone calls from your direct response marketing program including taking orders, setting up appointments, and fulfillment service.


Respond to customers emails quickly to provide customer service and help facilitate the sales process.


Operators answering and dispatching emergency calls as well as an overflow call center in case of emergency situation.

Help Desk

Outsourcing help desk requirements for software companies as well as many other industries and products.

IVR Service: Interactive Voice
Response Services

Caller uses a touch tone telephone to interact with a database that the call center sets up.

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Lead Generation Service

Programs to generate business leads focusing on outbound

Conference & Seminar Registration

Live Web Chat

A module is placed on your web site where the web site visitor can interact with a call center agent.

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Order Taking Service

Call center is able to take orders from the caller and input them directly into your web site or provide an order form if you do not have one.

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Up Sell / Cross Sell

Operators sell other products to new customers and existing customers while they are on the telephone line.

Characteristics Optima

  • A global delivery network designed to source the optimal mix of resources with skill and scale in key geographical locations
  • Skill profiling process covers seven essential skills to determine the right skill for the right job
  • Clustering of resources based on 'right skilling'

Training Language and Communication

  • Voice Lab with tools to supplement language training
  • FNT invests in dedicated and experienced customer service resources, trainers and domain experts from the U.S. and U.K.
  • Voice Lab with tools to supplement language training
  • Customer Service Center of Excellence ensures proficiency through a competency framework and certifications in customer service
  • Domain-specific training for industries


Lead capture with live telephone answering.


Product fulfillment solutions for ecommerce merchants.


  • Performance management is driven by OPEX scorecards, management review systems and customer satisfaction indicators
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) management focuses on SLA adherence, compliance with processes and increased productivity
  • People management covers employee satisfaction initiatives, attrition control programs, and rewards and recognitions


  • A globally hosted voice infrastructure to take calls from anywhere in the world to our delivery centers
  • Various productivity improvement toolkits like unified desktop, multichannel integration
  • Complete ACD functionality and complete IVR functionality along with web-based real-time reporting

Outbound Telemarketing Leads

  • Build campaigns on clean, accurate and insightful data
  • Profile prospects to ensure all interactions are intelligently targeted
  • Strategically communicate value propositions

  • Nurture relationships with high-level decision-makers
  • Deliver sales lead quantity and quality
  • Improve ROI from digital channels by bridging gaps between early stage automation scored leads, marketing-qualified leads and high-quality leads, that are truly sales ready.