Finance heads all have a common objective: to create a world-class finance organization.

We team up with our clients to provide business services through analytics, deep industry understanding and innovation, in order to achieve high performance.

Finance heads across all industries have a common objective: to create a world-class finance organization.

We team with clients to provide business services through analytics, deep industry understanding and innovation, in order to achieve high performance through next-generation BPO.

Our global scale, deep insight of how to achieve competitive advantage through technology and commitment to exert operational excellence is the foundation of an outsourcing relationship.

FutureNow Finance and Accounting (F&A) services helps finance leaders plan modify and run their processes and procedures, to attain their finance transformation goals. Reimagining finance through practical and agile analytics, technology, and advanced organizational models helps us unlock working capital, boost CFO teams' productivity, and drive compliance - today.

We provide business control, value creation and reduction in costs all along the finance value chain, from transaction processing to compliance and business analytics.

Solutions and Services

  1. Accounts Payables
  2. Collections and accounts receivable, including managing and process ing collections, maintaining ledger and applying cash.
  3. Product Cost Accounting.
  4. Closing & Reporting (ACR)
  5. Tax Services
  6. Financial Planning & Analysis
  7. Treasury
  8. Strategy Management Accounting (Pricing, reduction of costs, preparation of reports necessary for decision making).
  9. Enterprise Risk and Compliance solutions.

1- Accounts Payables

Effective accounts payable (AP) processes that optimize working capital, support cash savings initiatives, and allow long-term vendor relationship management can help organizations achieve competitive advantage and survive in rapidly changing economic environment.

FutureNow accounts payable services integrate process rigor with new advanced technology, logics, and transformation solutions to drive higher impact by using more efficient AP function. FutureNow accounts payable outsourcing services surround end-to-end AP processes.

  • Document management
  • Scanning
  • Invoice processing
  • Approval and resolution management
  • Help desk
  • Disbursement
  • Month-end and internal/external reporting

The benefits we deliver include

  • Consolidation and standardization
  • Invoice automation
  • Greater control
  • Invoice discount
  • Working capital optimization.

2- Accounts Receivable

Effective accounts receivables (AR) processes that optimize working capital, support cash transactions, and allow long-term customer relationship management can help organizations achieve competitive advantage and survive in rapidly changing economic environment.

FutureNow accounts receivables services integrate process rigor with new advanced technology, logics, and transformation solutions to drive higher impact by using more efficient AR function. FutureNow accounts receivables outsourcing services surround end-to-end AR processes.

  • Collections and accounts receivable, including managing and processing collections, maintaining ledger and applying cash.
  • Order management and billing, including managing contracts and sales orders, and customer requests and inquiries.
  • Order-to-cash analytics, including authorizing and managing credit and revenue assurance activities.

3- Product Cost Accounting

Finance must take timely, fact based, correct and faultless decisions regarding product mix, pricing, marketing promotions, sourcing, and product launches to preserve customer loyalty and increase market share. FutureNow cost accounting services provide complete administration of the entire supply chain, from Bill of Material (BoM) setup, updates, and reviews to forecasting and budgeting, factory accounting and reconciliation, and reporting.

Our end-to-end product costing spans:

  • BoM/Material master management: Setup, update, validation, and review
  • Forecasting, budgeting, and standard product costing: Demand forecasting, preparation of budgets and budget tracking , Break even analysis, transfer pricing computation, ERP allocation rule updates, computation and updating of standard costs for existing and new products
  • Factory accounting, period close, and reconciliation: Moving average price reviews, accruals booking for all manufacturing centers, review settlement of work orders, execution cost allocation cycles, cost of manufacturing accrual reconciliation, inventory reconciliation, and booking of period close journals, preparation of Cost of Goods Manufactured and Sold statement.
  • Reporting and analysis: Inventory analysis (slow-moving, aging, obsolete, and cycle count) and cost analysis (standard vs. actual, change in standard costs, rate of operation analysis).

4- Closing & Reporting (ACR)

FutureNow financial close and reporting services covers high-end ACR solutions that address regulatory and other reporting requirements such as Securities and Exchange (SEC) reporting, International Financial reporting standards, and investment accounting and investor reporting.

Our approach delivers:

  • Standardized global ACR processes, closing calendars, and reconciliation frameworks and templates
  • Reconciliation, intercompany, and fixed assets policies that ensure effectiveness and efficiency
  • Group consolidation services that provide overall picture instead of single company.

The merits of our approach to accounting close financial reporting include the following:

  • Enhanced control through workflows, dashboard status reporting, and inbuilt audit trails
  • Higher efficiency and effectiveness through automation, greater accuracy, and better visibility
  • Statutory compliance, risk mitigation, and performance management at the sub-process level.

5- Tax Services

Stringent reporting requirements, transformation of revenue authorities and their technology platforms change tax reporting. FutureNow tax compliance services help businesses lighten the load and focus on transparency, facilitating cross-border collaboration, process efficiency and effectiveness, and visibility and control over local compliance outside headquarters. Our clients benefit from Future broad, country-specific knowledge and tax accounting expertise, which we have successfully applied for global enterprises in multiple industries, as well as our ability to operate intelligently, at scale.

Our solutions include:

  • Tax accounting, effective tax rate analysis, foreign tax credits, and balance sheet analysis in accordance with IAS 12.
  • Reconciliation of provision and deferred tax accounts, valuation allowances, Fin 48 reserves, and state taxes
  • Corporate direct tax returns.
  • Transactional tax returns, including Income Tax, VAT, Sales tax, property tax.
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

6- Financial Planning and Analysis

FutureNow reimagines FP&A by integrating smart processes, analytics, and technology with advanced operating models. Our services are based on our ability to construct, modify, and run intelligent business operations for customers across a wide range of industries.

a. Income statement analysis

We comprehensively examine various cost and revenue components in multiple dimensions to understand variances and provide business insights.

b. Balance sheet/cash flow analysis

Proactively spotting changes in the company's financial position helps avoid reporting errors and maintain competitive advantage.

c. Group consolidation

These activities help clients attain process standardization and automation, in turn driving efficiencies that reduce rework, streamlines reporting, and break down silos where information and revenue often get “stuck."

d. Planning and budgeting

We support businesses with accurate forecasting of operational outcomes in financial terms. Predictive analysis, “what if" analysis, and simulations are some of the means through which we partner with our clients to generate business insights.

By leveraging centralized data warehouses, enhanced visualization, and report rationalization to reduce ad hoc reports. FutureNow FP&A services provide more accurate insights, faster, with greater accuracy. We have extensive experience servicing clients with multiple ERP systems and business intelligence tools.

7- Treasury

We create, modify and run advanced operating models that help our clients streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure greater efficiency for every treasury process from cash forecasting to fund accounting services.

Our treasury and cash management services encompass:

  • Cash/fund management to allow clients save on spread and reduce exposure with individual banks.
  • Match funding to help businesses minimize their interest rate risk.
  • Cash transactions accounting to coordinate cash management and ensure appropriate accounting and clearing of open items.
  • Intercompany current account reconciliation and monitoring to ensure proper accounting of intercompany cash movements and timely resolution of open items.
  • Monitoring of equity, investment, and income accounts for funding entities to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Treasury reporting to ensure appropriate statutory reporting and preparation of financial statements and guarantee that mandated disclosure requirements are met (FAS 52, 133/61,115, 157).
  • Transfer pricing reports for multiple jurisdictions, for internal and external reporting compliance.
  • Restructuring funding structures to obtain tax benefits.
  • Services for currency exposures accounting, including functional support during financial systems implementation.
  • Documentation for hedge effectiveness testing.

8- Strategy Management Accounting (Decision Making)

Today's business strategy focuses on competitive customer value and quality; it requires a cost management system that enables companies to adopt appropriate strategic decisions which prospectively enhance quality, improve profitability, strengthen competitiveness, and engender customer satisfaction.

Our strategic management services encompass:

  • Identify profitable business segments and opportunities for cost savings
  • Facilitate strategic planning process for growth, profitability, tax compliance, and risk management
  • Implement an integrated planning, budgeting, reporting, and analysis process
  • Advise on major business purchases, financing, contracts, and agreements
  • Creating a corporate vision and business mission and plan.
  • Assessing, planning, and/or recommending organizational and operational structure changes
  • Project planning, management and testing.

9- Enterprise Risk and Compliance

Traditional risk management consists of expensive on-site audits and periodic policy reviews, an approach rapidly becoming unsuited to the flood of modern risks ranging from sophisticated fraud to regulatory demands to expansion into new markets and geographies.

Our services include;

  • Enterprise Risk Management: Continuously identify and mitigate key enterprise-level risks.
  • Internal Audit: Achieve wider assurance of working of internal controls cost-effectively.
  • IT Risk Management: Enable effective management of IT assets across a wide range of risk dimensions.
  • Control Self-Assessment: Evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls and compliance programs.
  • Continuous Transaction Monitoring: Quickly find and fix improper financial transactions, inadequate controls, and broken processes.
  • Transaction Support Services: Assess key business issues and drivers of maintainable profits and cash flows.
  • Fraud Risk Services: Build sustainable fraud risk assessment processes, anti-fraud programs, and controls.
  • Operational Risk Management: Use our expertise to jump start risk management initiatives.