We use business and industry insight with technology expertise to provide innovative and scalable Oracle solutions.


Future Now Technologies has a rich experience that is acquired through many years of Oracle project execution. We use business and industry insight with technology expertise to provide innovative and scalable Oracle solutions. Our skilled consultants with strong Oracle background, provide our clients with cost-effective and results-driven application implementations, upgrades, support, and integration strategies and solutions. With a phased approach and various methodologies we can accelerate Oracle implementations, streamlining the integration of new processes and systems into business operations, and simplify infrastructure management. We help our customers to accelerate growth, increase ROI and reduce risks to unlock the potential of their entity.

We deliver commerce web sites, drive mobile apps, provide call center tools, and offer in-store selling capabilities to customers in many industries across the globe and a particularly strong customer base in retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

We use coordinated service management methodology that provides the basis for an integrated solution that responds to client requirements across strategy, people, process, and technology with a constant focus on quality. Our approach and experience produce practical solutions that provide perceptible results as defined and benchmarked at the onset of the solution lifecycle. It is an intentional approach that is proven to run effective transition and support while:

We provide high-quality technical support from a comprehensive program menu that runs the gamut of the customer’s system lifecycle, from planning, requirement definition, design, development, and testing, all the way through operation. Our Professional Services cover full Oracle technologies space from Hardware to Software.

Oracle applications are vast in scope and deep in capabilities, spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and other critical business processes. We offer the capabilities and expertise with Oracle’s industry leading applications that businesses of all sizes can leverage to improve their business - locally, regionally, nationally, or globally. We add significant value through our proprietary methodologies that span the entire Oracle application lifecycle and our software tools and business accelerators that you cannot find anywhere else. This ensures delivery excellence and on-time, on-budget project completion no matter how large, complex, or geographically diverse your Oracle implementation may be.