Monday 8th June 2020

03 Jul 2020

Employees have started returning to the office and we are now transitioning back to our normal routine from before the epidemic. We are still maintaining social distancing and other necessary precautionary measures for the health and safety of all stakeholders. Our offices remain open and all indicators are green.

Please see below some of the preventive measures that we are taking to ensure that the health and safety of stakeholders is maintained.

  • We are screening people at the entrance of the facility for signs of fever or the flu. A temperature gun is used to check employee temperature at the entrance. We are also requiring people entering the premises to sanitize their hands.
  • The facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily, however the frequency of this activity has been increased. Frequent touch points are identified and sanitized periodically throughout the day.
  • No outside visitors to the office are allowed without management approval. Resources involved with vendor management are instructed to conduct their business over the phone.
  • Employees are seated with at least one vacant work station in between 2 employees. Employees are assigned dedicated stations to limit any infection through surface contamination.
  • Employees are being given regular health and safety coaching;
  • Employees are also instructed to keep their reporting manager and HR updated with respect to their health condition.

We are committed to ensuring that there is no delay in any deliverables and that the work volume being handled is not affected in any way. If you need any assistance at this or at a future point in time, please let us know. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve things further, please feel free to reach out to us.

We wish you good health and safety. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your understanding and business.

From the FutureNow Family!