Canada’s Largest Pizza Chain Partners With FutureNow Technologies After Impeccable Performance Delivered During Pilot Phase

12 Dec 2010

Pizza Pizza signs a long-term contract with FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan

December 12th, 2010; Pizza Pizza, a renowned pizza restaurant chain in Canada that operates from 600 locations and employs over 3,000 people; has signed a contract with FutureNow Technologies to augment its contact center operations.

The collaboration began as a four month pilot project in August 2010. Each FutureNow contact center agent was meticulously selected, screened and then thoroughly trained before being deployed onto the project. Initially 5 agents were selected to support Pizza Pizza’s peak business hours. Within a short time span of 15 weeks, the number of agents supporting Pizza Pizza’s operations rose to forty five.

FutureNow’s impeccable performance during the pilot project with a 99.2% accuracy rate and an average conversion ratio of over 75% proved to Pizza Pizza, that FutureNow would be a valuable long term partner in the achievement of its strategic goals.

After the successful completion of the pilot phase, FutureNow Technologies has now entered into a long-term contract with Pizza Pizza. This alliance has proved that Pakistan is an untapped market that contains a pool of highly dedicated, hardworking and intelligent resources.

“We appreciate the quality, superior service and professionalism of FutureNow’s team; and the effort that they have put in to bring about excellent performance! It’s been a pleasure so far to work with them.” said Craig Reed, Site Manager for Pizza Pizza’s Customer Contact Centers while commenting on FutureNow’s performance during the first 4 months of the collaboration.

“We are extremely proud of the performance that we have been able to deliver to Pizza Pizza. It was a tough job considering the response time and other related KPIs were concerned; however we took a 3 Cs approach where we chose to commit, we crossed the line of excellence and we continued working rigorously! We will continue to prove ourselves to be a service provider who exceeds all expectations!” said Arif Ali, Chief Operating Officer at FutureNow Technologies.

“Our front line people – our true assets have put a very positive impression by addressing Pizza Pizza needs and what the food giant promises to their customers -Satisfaction and Quality of Service. We are filled with enthusiasm; looking to the future, working with them to reinforce our responsiveness and perfect our quality” said Bilal Iqbal, the Contact Center Manager at FutureNow Technologies.

About FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd.

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. is a provider of cutting edge technology solutions and services with a diverse portfolio of clients spread across the globe. Over the years we have engineered solutions which are currently being used in some of the largest fortune 500 companies around the world. We believe in innovation and matchless quality and our mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients are the foundation of our success

About Pizza Pizza Limited: Pizza Pizza is a leader in Canada’s quick service restaurant segment (QSR). The company is guided by a mission to provide the “best food, made especially for you” and a focus on quality ingredients, customer service, community contribution and continual innovation. The Pizza Pizza network including Pizza73 is composed of more than 600 traditional and non-traditional restaurants coast to coast with over 3,000 employees. We provide a flavorful, varied and high-quality menu to Canadians of all ages and tastes.