FutureNow and Script Tools Form Strategic Alliance to Develop Next Generation Healthcare Solutions

20 Apr 2009

FutureNow and Script Tools collaborate to simplify the Drug Prescription Process for Medical Practitioners FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd., announced today that it has partnered with Script Tools to develop solutions aimed towards simplifying the drug prescription process. There are numerous insurance companies in the US offering thousands of medical insurance plans.

With so many different formulary and drug prior authorization conditions; it becomes hard for medical practitioners to prescribe drugs for patients carrying different insurance plans. Medical practitioners need to contact insurance providers in order to verify that prescribed drugs are covered by a patient’s insurance plan. This leads to a lot of time lost in basic follow up and results in low quality medical care caused by delays in the entire prescription process.

By combining Script Tools’s in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry with FutureNow’s solution development expertise, the alliance will accelerate the availability of a unified medical insurance solution — an industry concept that breaks down today’s sluggish drug and insurance-centric cycles of communication and makes it easy and efficient for medical practitioners to concentrate upon patient care.

“With thousands of different formularies interacting conditionally with over 7 million drugs; developing a solution would be a considerable undertaking,” said Arif Ali, Director Operations of FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd.

“Fortunately, Script Tools has the experience and domain knowledge; while we have the technical expertise to realize their concept and make a difference”.

About FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd.

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. provides a broad range of technology services for various business verticals. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and health care organizations. The firm also represents a number of federal, state, and local governmental and educational entities. For more information, please visit

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