FutureNow Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony

03 Sep 2020

FutureNow recently celebrated the company’s employees at a long service awards ceremony, where awards were presented to 58 employees celebrating service tenure from 5 to over 10 years of service.

The company’s driving motivation has always been passion for excellence in service quality, and pride in providing the best value possible to its customers. FutureNow characterizes enthusiasm for the work, as the reason why they win business and then over time convert customers to partners; servicing their business needs year after year.


Commenting on the occasion, Fawad Qureshi, Head of Operations said, “We are hopeful that this ceremony, held to honor the employees who have been with us for a long time, will encourage and motivate other employees as well.


FutureNow has ambitious plans for the development of its human resources. We will continue forward with our plans to train staff and provide the support required to help them perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

These awards are not so much for long service, but as a reward for their dedication. Loyalty and dedication are the keys to the success of any organization. The long years put in by these people is ample proof of the conducive working environment provided by FutureNow. We understand the value and importance of the human resource and will continue to enhance the facilities and incentives as tools of motivation to our staff.


This ceremony itself is evidence of FutureNow’s efforts to ensure that our employees are recognized and appreciated for their efforts. I want to congratulate the recipients for demonstrating faith in the company, and standing by it through thick and thin. As a company we recognize the valuable contribution and ongoing commitment to our success that is provided by our employees. As an international technology and business service provider, we affirm that our greatest asset is our people.