FutureNow Technologies Partners With Continental Utility Solutions Inc.

16 Jan 2009

FutureNow to develop next generation solutions for CUSI

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd., announced today that it has partnered with Continental Utility Solutions Incorporated in order to build their next generation solutions.

Millions of utility bills are generated each month in North America using CUSI solutions. A CUSI system has a handling capacity of anywhere from 50 meters to over 500,000 at the same time. Established in 1987 and acknowledged as one of the top 500 Software Developers by Software Magazine; CUSI continues to build upon its legacy of excellence by consistently working on improving its solutions.

CUSI’s specific business need was a development partner which could understand its need for excellence and not compromise upon quality in any way. In the end, CUSI selected FutureNow Technologies because of its established record of delivering upon quality without fail and treating clients as partners with common goals.

Another defining reason was FutureNow’s role in developing solutions which have been recognized as yardsticks by the industry. FutureNow Technologies specializes in Microsoft as the preferred platform for software development. With all the exciting new emerging technologies; there is a realization of what can be achieved with CUSI’s already comprehensive solution offering.

“We are fully committed to supporting CUSI in development of its next generation billing solutions,” said Arif Ali, Director Operations of FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd.

“We look forward to working together and helping CUSI achieve its objective of developing compelling cutting edge solutions by leveraging Microsoft’s .Net technology”.

About FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd.

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. provides a broad range of technology services for various business verticals. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and health care organizations. The firm also represents a number of federal, state, and local governmental and educational entities. For more information, please visit


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