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Punjab Examination Commission is an autonomous body set up by the Government of the Punjab to administer assessment-only examinations for grade 5 and grade 8. Punjab Examination Commission is focused on assessing learning outcomes of these students. These assessments enable students to score better in their promotion examinations conducted by their own schools and respective boards of studies. Punjab is a large province of Pakistan with around 2.29 million children from 35 different districts, who appear for grade 5th and 8th exams every year. An estimated 16.63 million answer sheets has to be analyzed from these examinations every year. There are almost 30,000 different exam sheet packages for these examinations, which have to be scanned and analyzed for final and accurate results.


Punjab Examination Commission had an existing solution in place which gave erroneous results when large amounts of data were processed. The system also lacked basic security features. PEC was looking for a system which could scan examination papers, analyze them, and provide different percentage results in an efficient and accurate manner.

The Solution

Punjab Examination Commission told FutureNow Technologies about their requirements, processes, and end results requirement. PEC provided us with the raw data related to the examinations. To handle different types of examinations and requirements given every year, FutureNow Technologies used a fully automated solution developed for barcode based inventory and workflow tracking to keep tabs moving on the papers through the entire process. We can currently scan and process 0.5 million pages per day; handle data entry for over a million pages per day, and store over 7 million pages in secure facility. We provide 99% data entry accuracy through our extensive double entry processes, quality assurance procedures, and quality audits. This year, we delivered the project in 35 calendar days.