FutureNow Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony

By FutureNow,

FutureNow recently celebrated the company’s employees at a long service awards ceremony, where awards were presented to 58 employees celebrating service tenure from 5 to over 10 years of service.

The company’s driving motivation has always been passion for excellence in service quality, and pride in providing the best value possible to its customers. FutureNow characterizes enthusiasm for the work, as the reason why they win business and then over time convert customers to partners; servicing their business needs year after year.


Commenting on the occasion, Fawad Qureshi, Head of Operations said, “We are hopeful that this ceremony, held to honor the employees who have been with us for a long time, will encourage and motivate other employees as well.


FutureNow has ambitious plans for the development of its human resources. We will continue forward with our plans to train staff and provide the support required to help them perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

These awards are not so much for long service, but as a reward for their dedication. Loyalty and dedication are the keys to the success of any organization. The long years put in by these people is ample proof of the conducive working environment provided by FutureNow. We understand the value and importance of the human resource and will continue to enhance the facilities and incentives as tools of motivation to our staff.


This ceremony itself is evidence of FutureNow’s efforts to ensure that our employees are recognized and appreciated for their efforts. I want to congratulate the recipients for demonstrating faith in the company, and standing by it through thick and thin. As a company we recognize the valuable contribution and ongoing commitment to our success that is provided by our employees. As an international technology and business service provider, we affirm that our greatest asset is our people.


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Dr. Najam Siddiqui Visits FutureNow to Explore Avenues of Partnership

By FutureNow,

Dr. Najam Siddiqui, Chairman of the Board of Directors Ideal Development Inc. Toronto, Canada, visited FutureNow Technologies Head Office on March 27, 2019. The aim of the trip was to visit the FutureNow facilities, see the business operations and witness the fact that Pakistan’s IT sector has advanced multifold and most importantly, to explore possible avenues of collaboration and partnership with FutureNow . The guests were received by Mr. Umar Farooq (Managing Director) and the FutureNow management team. Dr. Najam was briefed about the Company and its business, followed by a tour of the company premises. An engineer by qualification, Dr. Najam is the person who brought the V-chip, parental control technology to Canadian television sets. He is considered a Canadian success story. He has been awarded the Order of Ontario last year, and currently devotes much of his time serving the community and fundraising to build education and community wings for the local community center, with an aim to build a holistic guided center that will help steer the youth of today in the right direction.

FutureNow is a provider of cutting edge technology solutions and services in the US, Canada, Europe and the GCC. Their success comes from the realization that they as an organization can only succeed if their clients are successful. FutureNow Technologies strives to be at the forefront of innovation. Their objective is to improve, strengthen, maximize and implement their corporate values for the betterment of their employees and their clients.

Zainab Ahmad,
Advisor to CEO
FutureNow Technologies
+92 303-4440073

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Federal Minister IT & Telecom Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Visits FutureNow Technologies.

By FutureNow,

Federal IT Minister of Pakistan, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, along with his team, visited FutureNow Technologies head office on January 22, 2019. The delegation included Director/Deputy Secretary Mr. Aftab Rashid, Advisor to Minister IT & Telecom Dr. Shahab Imam, DG (IC) Mr. Zeeshan Ali Bokhari and Personal Sectary to Minister Mr. Faraz Shakil. The aim of the trip was to visit the FutureNow facilities, explore the role of IT companies in bringing business to Pakistan and to discuss what support the government can provide in order to increase export income and generate employment.

The guests were received by Mr. Umar Farooq (Managing Director) and the FutureNow management team. The delegation was briefed about the Company and its business, followed by a general discussion on what role each party can play to help Pakistan grow in the technology sector. FutureNow shared its vision, history and aspirations to contribute towards the country’s economy, while also presenting suggestions on what the government can do to help the local IT sector flourish.

The technology sector in Pakistan can grow significantly if the right technology strategy is adopted on a national level. Countries such as Singapore, India and China have tackled these areas with tangible steps and are reaping the benefits of their actions. Pakistan needs to take similar steps as these nations who have all invested significantly in providing subsidized electricity, bandwidth, and economical land for local companies. FutureNow and many other technology companies operating in Pakistan prove that the country has the capacity and the talent to compete at an international level. Government’s support in helping local Companies gain easy and affordable access to world-class technical trainings will also help them take the local market to the next level.

FutureNow explained various avenues in which the government could take concrete steps in order to improve the national export situation. Qualitatively Pakistan is providing the same level of service as neighboring India. Whereas Pakistan’s IT exports stand at only 1 Billion USD, India’s IT exports total almost 99 Billion USD. If we measure possible parity in terms of population numbers alone, Pakistan’s IT export numbers should be in the range of 14 to 15 Billion USD. This short fall shows the lost ground that Pakistan needs to take back through better governance and through serious backing of the IT sector as a whole.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) is the national focal Ministry and enabling arm of the Government of Pakistan for planning, coordinating and directing efforts to initiate and launch Information Technology and Telecommunications programs and projects aimed at economic development of the country. Their mandate includes development and improvement of IT, promotion of technology applications, human resource and infrastructure development and administration of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance 2007, among others.

FutureNow is a provider of cutting edge technology solutions and services in the US, Canada, Europe and the GCC. Their success comes from the realization that they as an organization can only succeed if their clients are successful. FutureNow Technologies strives to be at the forefront of innovation. Their objective is to improve, strengthen, maximize and implement their corporate values for the betterment of their employees and their clients.

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FutureNow Pakistan becomes the first company in Pakistan to achieve ISO 45001:2018

By FutureNow,

FutureNow Technologies, a leading provider of technology services and solutions announced today that it had achieved the ISO 45001:2018 certification. ISO 45001:2018 is an ISO standard that specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety management system, which enables organizations to proactively improve their operations in order to prevent injury and disease.

In addition to ISO 45001:2018, FutureNow also maintains the OHSAS 18001:2007, which is a British standard for Occupational Health and Safety. With the achievement of this milestone, FutureNow’s Pakistan operations are thus recognized as the first organization in the country to achieve this certification.

The certification was awarded by American Global Standards after an extensive audit of FutureNow operations, processes and procedures and is a testament of the FutureNow commitment to its core values of safety and its people.

In addition to ISO 45001:2018, FutureNow also maintains its certification status in five other ISO standards relating to quality, information security, environment, service management and safety. FutureNow continues to invest in the future in pursuit of its aim to become the global partner of choice for technology and business services.

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FutureNow and US Muslim Organizations Harvey Relief Telethon Raised Over $2.6 Million

By FutureNow,

On August 25, 2017 “Harvey” a Category 4 Hurricane struck the coast of Texas near Rockport, causing devastation for people in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky. In a four day period many areas received as much as 5 feet of rainfall causing massive amount of flooding.

Over thirty (30) American Islamic organizations and FutureNow Technologies joined together for a Live Telethon on ARY Digital on Sunday, September 24, 2017 from Noon till 3:00 PM CST to raise over $2.6 Million for victims of Hurricane Harvey. FutureNow Technologies acted as a technical partner in this event to provide logistical support and host the Contact Center for the funds collection. Mr. Umar Farooq, MD of FutureNow Technologies was also a panel member of the Live Telethon.

FutureNow has been working with multiple companies from Texas and the Houston region in particular. Company has several dedicated BeSpoke teams supporting business operations of companies which are headquartered in Houston. These person to person relationships span over a decade in a lot of cases. So it was with a great deal of trepidation and disquiet that FNT saw the storm situation unfolding over Texas. The flooding meant that businesses were down for over a week at the very least. Some locations are still flooded and unusable. The FNT teams came together and worked day and night to support and cover the downtime that had resulted due to the storm situation.

“FutureNow Technologies” is honored to contribute to the vital efforts of the Islamic Organizations keeping with our company values to ‘Act as One & Do the Right Thing’. We have a responsibility to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey,” added Umar Farooq, Managing Director of FutureNow Technologies.

M. J. Khan, President of The Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), who spearheaded the effort issued the following statement:

“We thank Lord Almighty for this historic display of unity and support” said M.J. Khan. He added; “Serving humanity is the essence of our Faith and we are honored to be able to help our fellow Texans who suffered during and after this epic storm.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner made an appearance during the Live Telethon to add his own appeal for donations along with a stunning personal pledge to match the donations from the Muslim community dollar for dollar.

“Muslims opened their mosques as shelters and distribution centers to people of any and all faiths and religious belief,” Turner said. “I have seen their leaders, volunteers, doctors and businesses helping their neighbors all across the Greater Houston Area during and after hurricane Harvey. We know Houstonians can always count on each other in times like these.”

U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison (Minnesota), Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), and former Congressman Nick Lampson all made appeals for donations during the Live Telethon event.

Azhar Azeez, President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and an executive with Islamic Relief USA, also participated in the Telethon. Azeez said the Telethon can serve as a sign of hope not just for the Houston area but for the entire country. Azhar Azeez pledged $1.0 Million on behalf of Islamic Relief USA for the rebuilding the lives and rehabilitation of Hurricane Harvey Victims. He also presented a check for $40,000 on behalf of ISNA.

Other leaders joining the Telethon included Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Chairman NAIT; Imam Zaid Shakir, Co-Founder Zaytuna College; Javaid Anwar, CEO Midland Energy; Dr. Sajjad Chaudhary, President APPNA; Dr. Kamran Khan, President APPNA Nevada Chapter, Murad Ajani, President His Highness The Aga Khan Council of Southern United States; Dr. Asaf R. Qadeer, member APPNA Foundation; Shahid Javed, Islamic Society of Beaumont; Mr. Shahzad Chatriwala, Director ISGH; Mohammad Zafar, Board member Islamic Society of Rochester; Ghanzfar Hashmi, ARY Houston; Saeed Shaikh, President HKSCA; Afzal Janjua and Sarah Alikhan.

Additional pledges and donations are still being accepted and can be made by contacting ISGH Office at +1 713 524 6615, or donating on-line: http://www.launchgood.com/harveyrelieffund and www.ISGH.Org



Corporate Communications

Bilal Iqbal

Ahmad Bilal

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FutureNow Awarded Number of Important ISO Certifications

By FutureNow,

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. announced today that it had achieved a number of prestigious ISO (International Standards Organization) certifications validating its corporate structure, business operations, internal controls, operating policies and procedures through a number of external audits.

Securing these ISO certifications demonstrates, FutureNow’s ongoing focus on implementation of best industry practices in their ongoing operations. There are only a limited number of organizations in the United States which have been able to achieve these certifications. Obtaining the ISO certification was a rigorous progress that required months of preparation, internal controls, reviews and audits. Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and establishing processes for continuous improvement are important components of the ISO certification process and align with FutureNow’s commitment to excellence in the delivery of its services.

To achieve certification against each standard, all processes must be adequately documented and demonstrated to independent auditors to ensure that they are being executed based on documented policies, procedures and work instructions. The thorough audits were conducted by various accredited independent international auditors. These include American Global Standards (www.americanglobal.org) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (www.ukas.com).


The certifications which FutureNow achieved are;

ISO 20000-2011 – Service Management System
ISO 20000:2011 is a service management system (SMS) standard which specifies conditions for companies to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve their overall service management. This certification is proof that FutureNow applies industry best practices, implements rigorous enterprise security and continuously monitors and improves the quality of its service delivery and support functions. FutureNow’s process set was developed to mirror the best practices described within the ITIL (IT Infrastructure library) framework.

ISO 27001-2013 – Information Security Management System
ISO 27001-2013 is the best-known standard providing requirements for an information security management system for managing security of information assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties. ISO 27001-2013 is the only auditable international standard which defines the requirements for an ISMS to ensure that sufficient security controls are instituted within the certified organization. Additionally, maintaining the ISO 27001-2013 certification requires an annual review, quarterly internal audits and a three-year re-certification requiring continual scrutiny.

ISO 9001-2015 – Quality Management System
This international standard is one of the most widely adopted around the world. The standard ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system governing all aspects of business, demonstrating ability to consistently provide services meeting customer requirements and resulting in products and services that meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

OHSAS 18001-2007 – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
OHSAS 18001-2007 is an Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series for health and safety management systems intended to help organizations to proactively control occupational health and safety risks and prevent injury and ill-health.

ISO 14001-2004 – Environment Management System )
ISO 14001:2004 specifies requirements for an environmental management system that organizations can use to enhance their environmental performance. ISO 14001:2004 is intended for use by organizations seeking to manage their environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

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FutureNow Technologies celebrates its new office location with a vibrant inaugural ceremony

By FutureNow,

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. recently announced plans to move its corporate office to a new location. For the organization this new 7 – story office building means new and improved amenities for employees and room for further growth in business.

FutureNow Technologies celebrated this occasion with an inaugural ceremony where a large number of employees, clients and affiliates were present. The ceremony began with Quran Khawani and Recitation from the Holy Quran by Qari Abdul Aziz. This was followed by an introduction of the event and addresses by the CEO, Director Operations and the COO.

“With the beginning of this new chapter in the history of our company; I would like you all to continue working with commitment and patience; and maintain a deep focus on quality and performance. Remember the Quaid’s golden rule: Work, Work and only work.” said Mr.Obaid Wali, the Director of Operations at FutureNow Technologies.

“I am most of all thankful to the laborers who are working day and night to make this dream a reality. I would like you all to start in this building with a new spirit; with the spirit to rise and shine together as an unbeatable team!” said Mr. Arif Ali, the COO at FutureNow Technologies.

Final prayer was conducted by the Imam Masjid at Paragon City. Client, employees and their families were further entertained with various games, skits and a lunch.

Construction of the new office space is slated to be complete by March 2011.

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FutureNow Technologies experiences an overwhelming response to its current job openings at the Superior University Job Fair 2011

By FutureNow,

FutureNow Technologies was met with a great response to all of its current job vacancies at the Superior University Job Fair 2011. With over 10,000 visitors and 80 participants, the event was set up as a networking platform and was designed to enable employers and job seekers to pursue their dream of ‘Right Person for the Right Job’.

FutureNow Technologies set up its cubicle with state of the art design displaying the company’s work environment, available vacancies, company profile and major products and solutions offerings. FutureNow has opportunities in the domains of software development, quality assurance, business development, call center, data entry and has received around 1000 resumes from young graduates and professionals. With approximately 100 job openings, a speedy and efficient interview process was put in place to sort candidates for particular roles and responsibilities. With a well meshed and trained team, the organization was able to conduct a large number of interviews on site.

The job fair served to be a great opportunity for young graduates to assess their expertise and true potential through interacting with the leading companies of Pakistan. With a large pool of graduates and professionals visiting from all over the country, the event also served to be an excellent marketing tool for organizations and businesses.

FutureNow set a quintessential booth to attract, counsel and give career awareness to new and fresh blood.

  • More than eighty participants exhibited booths in this job-fair – crème da le crème companies like
  • Around ten thousand visitors showed up during all day event
  • FutureNow being one of the few well organized and disciplined booth caught the attention of those visitors and became nucleus of the event
  • More than 50% visitors stopped by and we one thousand resumes in different categories like Software development, Quality Assurance, Contact Center Executives, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Human Resource, Admin and Data entry operators – considerably a higher turnover than what we expected.
  • Bilal Iqbal, FN Contact Center Manager conducted interviews and hired a few candidates on the spot

“This job fair was a great experience for a company like us who mostly relies on web based tools for hiring fresh graduates and professionals. Meeting and evaluating people in person helps expedite the initial selection process which is not possible while hiring online or through phone based interviews. We will be relying more on such networking opportunities to employ graduates and experienced professionals in future”said Arif Ali, Chief Operating Officer at FutureNow Technologies.

“This job fair has proved to be an excellent networking and marketing tool for our organization. We have had the chance of interacting with leading Pakistani companies such as DHL, PEL, Metro Cash & Carry, Packages Pvt. Ltd., Nishat Mills, Kohinoor Mills, NetSol & Softtech Systems and with a large pool of talented graduates and professionals through this event!” said Faryal Ejaz, Human Resource Executive at FutureNow Technologies.

Naeem Sattar is the first person introducing job fair participation trend in FutureNow Technologies. He supported us all the way in Superior University Job Fair 2011. We really appreciate him for all his efforts genuinely and specifically boosting FutureNow’s team morale which gives rise to successful participation of FutureNow in job fair. “We really have good time and we have been exposed to a lot of quality candidates. Face-to–face meetings with potential candidates facilitates the selection in very first few minutes, making it the most effective form of requirement.It was indeed a great opportunity for FutureNow to become well renowned in IT industry” said Naeem Sattar, Assistant Manager, Finance at FutureNow Technologies.

About FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd.

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. is a provider of cutting edge technology solutions and services with a diverse portfolio of clients spread across the globe. Over the years we have engineered solutions which are currently being used in some of the largest fortune 500 companies around the world. We believe in innovation and matchless quality and our mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients are the foundation of our success.

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Canada’s Largest Pizza Chain Partners With FutureNow Technologies After Impeccable Performance Delivered During Pilot Phase

By FutureNow,

Pizza Pizza signs a long-term contract with FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan

December 12th, 2010; Pizza Pizza, a renowned pizza restaurant chain in Canada that operates from 600 locations and employs over 3,000 people; has signed a contract with FutureNow Technologies to augment its contact center operations.

The collaboration began as a four month pilot project in August 2010. Each FutureNow contact center agent was meticulously selected, screened and then thoroughly trained before being deployed onto the project. Initially 5 agents were selected to support Pizza Pizza’s peak business hours. Within a short time span of 15 weeks, the number of agents supporting Pizza Pizza’s operations rose to forty five.

FutureNow’s impeccable performance during the pilot project with a 99.2% accuracy rate and an average conversion ratio of over 75% proved to Pizza Pizza, that FutureNow would be a valuable long term partner in the achievement of its strategic goals.

After the successful completion of the pilot phase, FutureNow Technologies has now entered into a long-term contract with Pizza Pizza. This alliance has proved that Pakistan is an untapped market that contains a pool of highly dedicated, hardworking and intelligent resources.

“We appreciate the quality, superior service and professionalism of FutureNow’s team; and the effort that they have put in to bring about excellent performance! It’s been a pleasure so far to work with them.” said Craig Reed, Site Manager for Pizza Pizza’s Customer Contact Centers while commenting on FutureNow’s performance during the first 4 months of the collaboration.

“We are extremely proud of the performance that we have been able to deliver to Pizza Pizza. It was a tough job considering the response time and other related KPIs were concerned; however we took a 3 Cs approach where we chose to commit, we crossed the line of excellence and we continued working rigorously! We will continue to prove ourselves to be a service provider who exceeds all expectations!” said Arif Ali, Chief Operating Officer at FutureNow Technologies.

“Our front line people – our true assets have put a very positive impression by addressing Pizza Pizza needs and what the food giant promises to their customers -Satisfaction and Quality of Service. We are filled with enthusiasm; looking to the future, working with them to reinforce our responsiveness and perfect our quality” said Bilal Iqbal, the Contact Center Manager at FutureNow Technologies.

About FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd.

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. is a provider of cutting edge technology solutions and services with a diverse portfolio of clients spread across the globe. Over the years we have engineered solutions which are currently being used in some of the largest fortune 500 companies around the world. We believe in innovation and matchless quality and our mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients are the foundation of our success

About Pizza Pizza Limited: Pizza Pizza is a leader in Canada’s quick service restaurant segment (QSR). The company is guided by a mission to provide the “best food, made especially for you” and a focus on quality ingredients, customer service, community contribution and continual innovation. The Pizza Pizza network including Pizza73 is composed of more than 600 traditional and non-traditional restaurants coast to coast with over 3,000 employees. We provide a flavorful, varied and high-quality menu to Canadians of all ages and tastes.

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FutureNow Technologies partners with the City District Government, Lahore

By FutureNow,

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd and the City District Government, Lahore have joined hands to set up the first Complaint Response Centre in the city. This service will enable the general public to lodge complaints about the staff and services at hospitals run by the City District Government, Lahore. The response centre will use an integrated form of FutureNow’s Intract & Office Connect software. Intract, a CRM solution will be customized for the hospitals to enable customer service representatives to add and edit information about complaints lodged by the public. Office Connect, an IPPBX solution will enable the staff to receive and route these complaints. FutureNow will be responsible for system customization, deployment, training and maintenance.

This set up will enable the City District Government to accelerate the complaint resolution process and be of better service to the community through multi-level check & balance.

“We are very proud to be part of such a project that will benefit the general public and will enable the District Government to respond to critical situations in a timely manner, hence saving the lives of thousands of people who visit public hospitals” said Arif Ali, Executive Director at FutureNow Technologies.

About FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd

FutureNow (pvt) Ltd. is a provider of cutting edge technology solutions and services with a diverse portfolio of clients spread across Pakistan, Europe and North America. Over the years we have engineered solutions which are currently being used in some of the largest fortune 500 companies around the world. We believe in innovation and matchless quality and our mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients are the foundation of our success.

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